My Story

I launched Marren Consulting in 2013 to help privately-held businesses achieve their potential. My clients think of me as a “fixer”; I think of myself as a problem-solver who enjoys a challenge. I love walking into a new setting, meeting the team, and helping them better understand their organization’s finances. Every client I work with and every situation I encounter is different. My goal, however, is always the same: to help business owners and leaders identify opportunities to improve their company’s performance and to introduce tools they can use to better manage future results. Outside of work you can catch me going for a peaceful swim in Lake Michigan, reading to unwind at the end of a long day, or working on a jigsaw puzzle with my family.

Background Experience

Early in my career I worked on the audit staff of PWC. After leaving public accounting I joined a small privately-held company named Celtic Insurance. During my time with Celtic I was part of an interdisciplinary team that designed, sold, and serviced health insurance products for niche markets. I assisted with launching three start-up divisions and was involved in all aspects of the business, which gave me a wealth of valuable experiences. Later on I worked at Locke Lord LLP, where I learned how to analyze potential lateral partner acquisitions and price professional services. Afterwards, I worked hand-in-hand with estate lawyers and turnaround specialists to stabilize and sell a family-owned business whose founder passed away unexpectedly, without a succession plan for his company. While each of these experiences was unique, they all helped me understand the value of strong financial leadership and the need for clear and relevant reporting to support decision-making.