My Story

How I bring clarity.

I launched Marren Consulting in 2013 to help privately-held businesses achieve their potential. My clients think of me as a “fixer”; I think of myself as a problem-solver who enjoys a challenge. 

“When our business grew to a $50 million corporation we felt compelled to review and improve, where needed, our financial controls. We trusted our financial staff but realized if we ever needed access to outside funding or capital we would be scrutinized on our financial processes and wanted to prepare for that event. Knowing Kim Marren for the last 25 years I was aware of her capabilities and contracted with her to assess and work with our team. Kim’s ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate into the client’s team and analyze a process or the situation to determine flaws or identify areas for improvement is superb. The key is Kim does this in a positive manner so your team buys into the change without feeling threatened by the recommended improvements. That is a hard skill to come by and Kim does it better than anyone I have seen.”

MARC MALIZIA Owner and CTO @ RKON Technologies, Inc.

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